Internet and Intranet Development
Internet and Intranet applications have changed the Internet from an electronic billboard to a full-fledged information delivery system. The Calico Company specializes in cutting edge technologies that will help you put your company on the Web. From online shopping catalogs to client/server intranets, the Calico Company has the expertise to do it all.

Please visit THE Intranet Home Page to get a taste of technology as it unfolds. We update this page with the latest and greatest Web technology as its developed. You'll find links to the best Intranet vendors on the market as well as objective dialogue on the new technology and the best Intranet development products.

Web Page Design
Like traditional forms of advertising - newspaper ads and magazine ads -- your Internet Web page speaks directly to potential customers. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, the Internet is an inexpensive way to reach a global market. We can design your web page from start to finish. Find out more about advertising on the Internet and how the Calico Company can bring customer to your front door with our marketing and technological expertise. Or check out some of our customer's web pages for examples of a basic web page and an online shopping catalog.

After creating your web page, we list your page with 330 search engines, directories, what's new lists, what's cool lists, media outlets and more using NetCreation's PostMaster 2.0!

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