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Floor Tile Installation Tips



Mix the tiles of different packages to fully qualify the colors.


This is very important because it optimizes the direction of installation and prevents troublesome effects due to cuts.
Trace 2 perpendicular lines on the ground with cords:
Parallel walls for a straight installation (drawing A)
Diagonal walls to install diagonally (drawing A)
Depending on the selected installation type and the cutting of tiles we advise you to take a 5% margin for straight laying and 10% for diagonal installation.
Place the tiles “dry” (no glue) on each side of the path from the center leaving a space corresponding to the width of the joints between tiles.


After making the plot, one can proceed with the laying of tiles:

1 – Spread the mortar or glue on a surface using the support by means of a square tooth spatula and then, if the format of the tiles exceeds 20×20 cm it is recommended to double bonding (drawing B).
2 – While pressing the tile into the mortar bed, use a tiler mallet as needed to help press the tile into the glue grooves. Proceed installing by row by inserting between each tile a cross to let the empty space for the grout joint (drawing C).
The joints are required inside and outside to compensate for expansions of the support.
3 – Let dry for 24 hours before spreading grouting mixture using a squeegee until completely filling the joints. Remove as much excess with a sponge without rubbing (drawing D).
4 – Allow to dry 24 hours before using the room.
5 – Sprinkle the dry mortar to promote cleaning of the tiles and wipe with a clean dry cloth.

tile installation diagram

For more information on proper tile installation and tiling tools, we highly recommend Montolit.