Hot N Stuf
Hot N Stuf is a mail order and Internet Order business specializing in hot and spicy foods. Their online catalog enables customers to order from the comfort of their own homes through the Calico Company's secure transaction Website server.

Washington Software Association
WSDMA is the largest association in the United States serving the software and digital media industries. Given their objective for a Web site incorporating cutting-edge design and application functionality. The Calico Company teamed up with Aven Internet to produce a high-quality, professional website with extensive interactive areas such as the events calendar, news and publications, email integrated discussion forums, and Jobline. In addition, WSDMA has the ability to administer (add, edit and delete content) many aspects of the web site content through their own private online Administrative Area.

THE Credit Union Home Page
THE CU Home Page is the implementation of The Florida Credit Union Leagues's TI-2000 Technology Initiative. TI-2000 provides a comprehensive, multi-phased blueprint for using current and future technologies to greatly increase affiliate exposure and service for the League and Service Group. The Initiative uses four parallel action plans to provide a holistic strategy for positioning technological innovation as a primary credit union competitive edge in the `90's.
THE Credit Union Home Page provides both static and dynamic information. Microsoft Access and Cold Fusion enable members to retrieve live data about credit unions directly from the FCUL MemberVision database. THE Credit Union Home Page is a great example of a well-designed site delivering vital static and dynamic data over the Internet.

The Florida Credit Union League
The Florida Credit Union League is a Tallahassee, Florida-based state-wide trade association offering a myriad of services focused on meeting the current and future needs of Florida's credit unions. Membership dues-supported services include education, legislation and compliance, marketing and communications, services and research, human resources and more. The League also provides access to a variety of finacial services-related products.
The Calico Company developed an Online Job Resource Center for members and Credit Unions to exchange information about job opportunities and job applicant information.