O'Reilly Website 1.1
WebSite is for anyone who wants to publish information on the Web or on a corporate LAN running TCP/IP. WebSite's audience includes corporations, businesses, organizations and individuals. The power and performance of the software, its intuitive graphical user interface, and the comprehensive, easy instructions in the book make WebSite a natural choice for a wide variety of users.

O'Reilly Website Professional
Discerning webmasters made WebSite™ the industry leader among Windows 95 and NT web servers because of its revolutionary high performance and affordability. Now you can join these web-savvy pros in their pursuit for the best in programmability, publishing power, and security by moving up to WebSite Professional. WebSite Pro brings you the latest innovations in web server technology without any of the worry of being locked into one supplier’s proprietary solution. The open systems logic of the Web is at the heart of WebSite Pro; it supports all of the major web server programming, publishing, and security standards.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
With the addition of the integrated just-in-time Java compiler and support for plug-ins, combined with native support for the more than 1,000 ActiveX™ Controls, Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 is now the most technically advanced and feature-rich browser on the market for end users, organizations, and content and software developers.

Allaire Cold Fusion
Cold Fusion is a Web Application Development (WAD) platform for Windows NT and Windows 95. Cold Fusion can be used to create a wide variety of applications that integrate relational databases with the Web on Intranets and the Internet. Applications range from dynamic Web sites to enterprise-wide groupware.